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How to get an Ontario building permit!
A Building Permit is a formal approval issued by a local municipality that allows you to proceed with construction, demolition, or renovation on your property.  It is mandatory when you wish to construct, renovate, demolish or change the use of your property or building. We are the best in Drafting Services and also help in the Ontario Building Permit process.
Why you need to obtain a building permit
Ontario Building permits allow your municipality to protect the interests of both individuals and the community as a whole. By reviewing and approving building permit applications before any work is done, the municipality can ensure that buildings comply with:

The Building Code sets standards for the design and construction of buildings to meet objectives such as health, safety, fire protection, accessibility, and resource conservation
The local zoning bylaw and other planning controls on buildings
Other applicable legislation, including conservation authority approvals and
Certain requirements under the Environmental Protection Act

When you need a building permit?
You must obtain a building permit before you:

Construct any new building over ten square meters in an area or place another structure, such as a mobile home, on your property
Make renovations or repairs or add to a building
Change the use of a building
Construction of a foundation
Construct a seasonal building
Undertake work regarding the installation, alteration, extension, or repair of an on-site sewage system

How your application is reviewed?
Staff at your municipality will review your application to confirm that the proposed work complies with the Building Code and other applicable laws set out in the Building Code, such as local zoning bylaws. They may send your application to other local/municipal officials for comments.
Applications for a simple alteration or addition can be processed fairly quickly, but more complex proposals may take longer. The Building Code requires that a municipality review a complete permit application within a certain timeframe where the application meets the criteria set out in the Code.
In order to be issued a permit, the proposed construction must comply with the Building Code and with the applicable laws set out in the Building Code. If you need a zoning change or a minor variance from the zoning bylaw (municipal zoning is considered applicable law), or if the proposed construction does not comply with the Building Code, a permit will not be issued until the zoning change or minor variance has been obtained, or the proposed construction complies with the Building Code.
If your property is covered by a site plan control bylaw, you may not get a building permit until the plans and drawings have been approved by the municipality.
 What you can do if your application is refused
If your municipality refuses your building permit application, you will be told why. If yo